Bal Bharti Association

Bal Bharti is an independent educational organization which is managed by students under the direction of school Principal. In this association, students create a cabinet and parliament and some chosen students are given specific designation. Each student in the cabinet is given a particular department in the school where he needs to take great care of his responsibilities and relevant activities in the department.

Kanya Bharti Association

Each session starts with the formation of Kanya Bharti association by students. Volunteers of this association help in the easy and smooth operation of school activities. It aids to foster the quality of good leadership, management, and responsibility among students.

Matri Bharti Association

Matri Bharti is created in the school where mothers of students or any woman from the community can join as a member. Through this association, our students also get a chance to showcase their talent and boost their qualities.

Puratan Chhatra Parishad

Former students’ association has been formed for maintaining the dialogues with them for social harmony, social upliftment. plans for development and for guidance.


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